a group of people reading poetry

Poetry for reading groups

"Reading and talking about poems with others is an experience
unlike any other."
Ruth Borthwick, Chief Executive of Arvon

Would you like to read poetry in your group, but don't know where to start? Do you want to hear other people's opinions of a poetry book before suggesting it to your group? Need some ideas about how to begin the discussion? Here you can find suggestions of poetry books to read and talk about, see what other readers thought of a book, and share your own group's responses. You can get your books from the Poetry Book Society's Poetry Bookshop Online, which also offers a special reading group discount.

Reading poetry Poet Lemn Sissay shares his ideas about How To Read Poetry

Choose a poetry book Suggested books for you to read and discuss

Your reactions Read about what other groups thought of the books, and add your own comments

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