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This is the garden | 15-May-17

Enquirer is looking for a poem that contains these lines:

This is the garden
I can see you're fond of gardening
So are we

We had some snowdrops in this bed
I wish you'd seen them
Now they've dead

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So are we.
A pity it is winter still
You ought to see our daffodils.
We had some snowdrops in this bed
I wish you'd seen them, but they're dead.
And in this other one we grow
Those what d'you call them in a row.
Of course you know the ones I mean
Such pretty flowers, red and green.
Well, not exactly red, but pink
Some funny foreign name, I think.........

This poem goes on at great length and I can remember most of it. My mother used to recite it 70 or 80 years ago. She said the title was "Mrs Mole"

Beryl Halliday

I do have this poem i full but would l've to know who wrote it. My cousin recite it to great effect in the US I have recite it also. She was taught it at elocution classes back in the late 40s. it is a classic but who wrote it!
margaret braban

If you have this poem I would like it in full. I only remember parts of it from my poetry classes at school
Lynden Beesley

I have a copy of this poem which was often recited by my aunt. But I know bits are missing e.g. tar on her hat "and there's a little on your hat, however did you manage that"
I would love to have a complete copy if that is possible
Val counter

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