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Last Sunday afternoon we all went down to t'parish church | 16-May-16

Enquirer is seeking author and complete text on a poem her Grandad used to recite. She remembers the following sections:

"Last Sunday afternoon we all went down to t'parish church
We'd got a job for t'vicar, reverend Birch
There were my grandmother and grandfather
Cousin Bill and sister Sue................numerous other relations.....
And cousins...22
All us kids were newly weshed
By gum it wain't half cold
All t'lugs combed out of us hair
And all us noses blowed
And there we stood round christening font
As old as Kirkstall Abbey
Hand me the child said t'parson
Wi' a gently smiling face
We looked at one another and we all walked out of place
We thought we'd gotten everything
Including Great Aunt Abby
But the one thing we'd forgotten
Were Sister Betsey's babby"

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