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Poem about a desert nomad selling a horse to a sheik | 06-Mar-16

Enquirer is looking for a poem that a friend, who learned it as a child in India (circa 1940), recited.  It is about a desert nomad who offers to sell a horse to a sheik.  The sheik complains about the selling price, the nomad takes the money, jumps on his horse and rides away, with the sheik's men chasing him.  The next day, after he has outrun them all day, the nomad returns with the horse and asks, "now, do you think I ask too much for it?" (or the equivalent). 

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I know a poem called "An Arabs farewell to his horse." but it's different. The nomad needs the money but at the end he throws the money back and rides away with his horse. I have the whole poem if you are interested.
Mary Boyd

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