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National Poetry Day in the National Poetry Library! | 28-Sep-17

On National Poetry Day this year we launch our Endangered Poetry Project. Find out how to share a poem in an endangered language here.

Although this year's National Poetry Day is taking place in the 2017 city of culture Hull, we do have a few things happening in the library.

Find a poem in a language other than English
Visitors are invited find a poem on the shelves in another language.  Tell us your favourite line from that poem and you will win a copy of the beautiful bilingual anthology Rain of Poems.

Group poem
We're also going to be writing a group poem, with a starting line by Bulgarian poet Kapka Kassabova: 

"It's a sign of fluency to dream in a language but we dream wide-awake"

from 'Coming to Paradise' in the collection Someone Else's Life

If you're browsing in the library and find a line you'd like to contribute, come and stick it on the board. There is a small prize for contributors to this one too!

Happy National Poetry Day! For activities happening near you on Thursday 28 September, visit

As National Poetry Day has now passed, we thought it would be nice to share the group poem that was created in the library. Have a read....

It's a sign of fluency to dream in a language but
we dream 
wide-awake while our hearts are sounding
louder and clearer 

than before. We may leave the dream-life and return at anytime,
no passport while the impressions remain, so vividly on the page. 

It's a sign of possession when we speak in unknown tongues 
and our mouths may move in different ways but we understand 

each other perfectly. Remember this when you are in the middle
of a lucid dream, a dream that burns away memories 

of the land that knows your name and what is a name except
an anchor with no weight? Our language cannot contain us, 

but casts shadows of our forms so form a new word today - 
speak it now - we wake like bookends with nothing 

in between us and with nothing to say while we sleep
like tomes, heavy with dust. It is a sin never to wake up.

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