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North Somerset Teachers' Book Award 2017 | 13-May-17

North Somerset Teachers' Book Award 2017

Founded by the 'Just About Books' teachers' book group and running since 2015, the North Somerset Teachers' Book Award was born out of a desire to celebrate the very best in children's literature.

Linked to the 'Federation of Children's Book Groups' North Somerset branch, Just About Books meets regularly to read, discuss and recommend children's literature, usually while eating cake and biscuits! Constantly asked for recommendations for books to use in the classroom and at home, they decided that there is a need for an award aimed directly at teachers to support them in the role they play in developing reading for pleasure and creating life long readers.

There are six categories: Picture Books, Poetry Books, Quality Fiction, Read Aloud, Information Books and Moving On.

Twelve books have been longlisted in the poetry category for 2017:

1. Adder, Bluebell, Lobster by Chrissie Gittins, illustrated by Paul Bommer
2. All Aboard the London Bus by Patricia Toht, illustrated by Sam Usher
3. A Poem for Every Night of the Year edited by Allie Esiri
4. I Don’t Like Poetry by Joshua Seigal
5. Moon Juice: Poems for Children by Kate Wakeling, illustrated by Elina Braslina
6. Where Zebras Go by Sue Hardy-Dawson
7. The White Cat and the Monk by Jo Ellen Bogart, illustrated by Sydney Smith
8. Wonderland: Alice in Poetry edited by Michaela Morgan
9. You Belong Here by M H Clark, illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault
10. Reaching the Stars: Poems about Extraordinary Women and Girls by Liz Brownlee, Jan Dean and Michaela Morga
11. A Rocketful of Space Poems by John Foster, illustrated by Korky Paul
12. Zim Zam Zoom by James Carter, illustrated by Nicola Colton

All of the books (apart from You Belong Here by M H Clark which is on its way from America!) are available for reference and loan at The National Poetry Library.

We're delighted that Chrissie Gittins and Joshua Seigal, who read at our Imagine Day of Poetry in 2016, and Liz Brownlee and Kate Wakeling, who read at our Imagine Day of Poetry earlier this year, are on the longlist.

The shortlists will be announced in September.

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