Past exhibitions


National Poetry Library Open Day | 15-Oct-17

Can poetry be a universal language and unite people across borders?

Radical Alterations of the Sun

Radical Alterations of the Sun: 50 Years of Poetry International | 13-Oct-17

Visit our archive for material exploring 50 years of Poetry International.

Mersey Sound at 50

The Mersey Sound at 50 | 28-Jul-17

Delve into the history the Liverpool poets.

A Fair Field Full of Folk

A Fair Field Full of Folk | 11-May-17

Medieval and modern poetry collide in this new exhibition at The National Poetry Library.


Larkinworld | 31-Jan-17

An exhibition by D J Roberts in neon, drawing and pop culture ephemera.


The Poetry Library Open Day | 16-Oct-16

Experience the poetic future.

The Spring to Come

The Spring To Come | 05-Oct-16

Slawa Harasymowicz's exhibition unravels the story of a semi-hypothetical figure.

The Homeless Library

The Homeless Library | 09-Jul-16

Experience powerful first-person stories of Britain's homeless through this book, poetry and art collection.

Conceptual Poetics

Conceptual Poetics | 24-May-16

Explore a poetic form inspired by Marcel Duchamp's approach to visual art at this exhibition.

Alberto de Lacerda

Enchantment Will Find Me | 17-Mar-16

An exhibition about one poet's relationship with London, and the transformative power of art.

Frank OHara

Frank O'Hara: Why I Am Not A Painter | 26-Jan-16

Celebrating one of the most original and compelling poets of the 20th century.

The End of the Poem

The Poetry Library Open Day 2015 |The End of the Poem | 08-Nov-15

The seventh annual Poetry Library open day.

Meltdown 2015

David Byrne's Library | 18-Aug-15

Throughout his career, David Byrne has compiled a fascinating collection of music books, which will be on display and available to borrow from the Poetry Library.

Poetry Comics

Poetry Comics | 12-May-15

Dive into the world of Poetry Comics with items from the Poetry Library collection and beyond.

Rego Retold thumb

Rego Retold | 17-Mar-15

This exhibition showcases Owen Lowery's poetic responses to the work of artist Paula Rego.

On reading 2

On Reading and Walking and Thinking | 13-Jan-15

This exhibition gathers work from three international artists who respond to the world through the written word, performative drawing and sculpture.


Poetry Library Open Day 2014 |The Material Word | 16-Nov-14

The sixth annual Poetry Library open day.

Unknown Soldier thumb

An Unknown Soldier: An Exhibition by Henningham Family Press | 04-Nov-14

An exhibition about the legacy of World War One by the Henningham Family Press.

Illuminated Tweets

Tom Phillips' Illuminated Tweets | 09-Sep-14

A exhibition tracking Tom Phillips' A Humument through its recent incarnations across digital platforms.

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