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TAUNTON, SOMERSET: Waking up and opening out

Date: Sunday 19 February, 2017
Time: 10:00 AM
Price: £40
Venue address:
Brendon Books, Old Brewery Buildings, Bath Place, Taunton, Somerset TA1 4ER

Publicity material for this event says:

Have you ever felt that you would like to write a poem today, or any day, but have nothing to say in it?
Or that you are brimming over with words and ideas but cannot imagine how to make anything out of them, let alone a poem?
Or even that you have written poems time and again before but they always seem to be much of a muchness?
We writers (we human beings, for that matter) can spend much of our lives in a sort of coma which feels either empty of words, flooded with them, or just plain stuck and unable to open out.
If any of these feelings rings a bell with you, do come and explore the possibilities which await you just across the river – and there’s a bridge!

Brendon Books Tel. 01823 337742

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