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Poetry readings

LONDON SE1: Beck Beat at Blackfriars Settlement

Date: Friday 24 February, 2017
Time: 6:30 PM
Price: Free
Venue address:
Blackfriars Settlement, 1 Rushworth Street, Southwark SE1 0RB

Publicity material for this event says:

A week's not a long time in Poetry. Neither, in fact, is a month... Some people feel you'd be pushing it to suggest a decade is a long time in the wild art of word-wonderin'. And so it is that the time you spend in front of our affable and hungry audience, may last for an eternity in your performing heart.

Once again we have mind to open the mic to all, for free, in this soul of Southwark. You may wish to share your favourite poets odes, or shed light on your own private opus in progress...

Whichever reason entices your recital, be sure that you'll get a rousing welcome down Pocock Street. Also, no doubt, there will be others to tantilise your imagination with their own offerings.
Sign up with Adam before 7pm for your exclusive and free 5 minutes at the mic.

The Cariad Cafe will be open for light refreshments and by 9pm there'll be conversation and warm insight into this strangely inviting venue for the spoken word.

020 7928 9521

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