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Poetry readings

PETERSFIELD/HANTS: Rob Barratt at Write Angle

Date: Tuesday 21 February, 2017
Time: 7:15 AM
Price: £6
Venue address:
The Townhouse, 28, High Street, PETERSFIELD/HANTS GU32 3JL

Publicity material for this event says:


We're very excited to have a first time Write Angle performer Rob Barrett with us for February 21st. He's a comic poet, humourist, and singer/musician who combines clever word play, verse and song, with satire, parody and audience participation. Rob had been on and off the stage for years, while holding a teaching job, but for the past ten years, has taken seriously to writing and performing full-time.

He deals with such important topics as squid, second homes, Neanderthals, the weather in Aberdeen, data-driven education, distressed furniture, marmite, tuk-tuks and why he doesn't want to swim with dolphins - but watch out - beneath the comedy lurk serious issues.

He's appeared at folk, literature and art cabarets, music clubs, theatres, festivals, and venues all over the UK (and we mean All Over the UK), Ireland, and Australia, and he'll be in Carmel, California later this year. He loves being on stage and is a member of the Bodmin Folk Club where he works out a lot of his new lyrics and music.

He's published two books of poems, prose and songs ('Men From Mars In Bumping Cars' and 'Distressed'). He's also made many CDs.

'He's not only clever but very funny' (Mike Harding),
'His head is well and truly located in ‘Planet Barratt,’ clearly a place of wonderfully bizarre inspiration” (Coventry Telegraph),
“Mind-bending poetry” (Twickfolk, London),
“Absolutely outstanding” (Bewdley Book Week),
“So clever, it’s daft“ (Telltales, Falmouth, Cornwall),
'World Class Poetic Genius' (Theatrefest, Barnstable)

Meantime, don't forget to bring your own poems, instruments and voices. Our Open Mic is there for you to share your talents - or if you prefer, just come and watch! You're all part of what helps make the evening a winner for all!

We'll have a raffle for two free meals, as usual, at an excellent local restaurant (TBA) and with a bit of luck, you just might be the winner!

So, don't forget. Pen the date in your diary now! Tuesday February 21st, starting 7.15 for 7.30 at Townhouse Pub/Bistro, 28 High Street, Petersfield. We look forward to seeing you!


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