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This fortnight's events

Poetry appreciation

LONDON NW3: Jeremy Reed and The Ginger Light | 17-Oct-17

Jeremy Reed returns for a performance which blurs the boundaries between spoken word, music, and sound.

Poetry readings

LONDON NW3: Jeremy Reed and Ginger Light | 17-Oct-17

Visionary writer Jeremy Reed returns with sound artist Itchy Ear

Poetry readings

PETERSFIELD/HANTS: Jimmy Lee at Write Angle | 17-Oct-17


Poetry readings

LONDON WC1H: Independent Voices | 18-Oct-17

Caroline Smith, Rory Waterman and Nicholas Murray read political poems at the Bloomsbury Festival

Poetry readings

BIRMINGHAM: Jill Abram presents Stablemates | 18-Oct-17

Jill Abram presents Stablemates: Conversation & poetry with Henry Normal, Rosie Garland & Jackie Hagan of Flapjack Press

Poetry readings

LONDON W1W: Caught By The River Social | 18-Oct-17

An evening of poetry, film & music with Diary of the Last Man, Robert Minhinnick, Robert Selby, July Skies & Kate Carr.

Poetry appreciation

LEWES, EAST SUSSEX: World Poets - Walt Whitman | 19-Oct-17

Readers love Whitman for shedding light on our lives as though he had stopped to talk through the window.

Poetry readings

LONDON SW15: Writers' Centre Kingston | 19-Oct-17

Launch of the first 3 pamphlets in the Writers' Centre Kingston series by Molly Bergin, Zakia Carpenter-Hall, Dacy Lim

Writing poetry

LONDON SE11: Voice Workshop for Poets | 21-Oct-17

Develop your vocal and performance techniques to really bring your poems off the page at live events

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